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Burmese Food

Burmese food is very good at balancing flavors: Sweet, Salty, Spicy, Sour and Bitter. The chemistry of these five different flavors creates a magic taste and smell that tantalizes people's senses when they eat it. Trying authentic Burmese dishes just once would never be enough because you would want to try again and again. It has very complex and layered flavor combinations. 
Burmese food is influenced by Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines, as these are our neighboring countries.  In traditional Burmese medicine, food is classified as heating or cooling depending on how it affects a person's body system, similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine and their use of food as medicine. In many dishes there is consideration for health and balance in the body, as well as differences based on the seasons. Freshness is very important and so are the spices, which are flavorful but not so spicy in most cases. Burmese cuisine is not cooked with rigid recipes, and in many cases the dishes are made from simple ingredients. There are certain principles that are very important, like the timing of cooking certain things, and the way we cut certain ingredients to soak up more flavor. I hope you will let me introduce you to Burmese food and explore a whole new set of flavor combinations. 

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