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About Zin Zin's Burmese Cuisine

Just 6 months after I came to Denver , I started working with a woman named Marin who was a Colorado native. Together we organized 3 pop up events called Burmese Village Dinners, where I cooked 5 course meals and shared Burmese culture. We sold out every time and people started to ask for catering. I told her, "I want to open the first Burmese restaurant in Denver" and when I said it I had no idea how big of a dream this was! At the time, in 2015, there were over 7,000 Burmese in Colorado and not a single Burmese restaurant. I am very proud that my food is some of the first Burmese food many people have had in Colorado. Then I moved to Indianapolis for a few years with my husband and 2 children to support a business opportunity he had. Now we decide as a family to return to Denver and focus on building my business. I have learned a lot during this time about what it takes to truly be a food business owner. 


I take pride in my cooking, and am committed to bringing my customers quality and authenticity. Many modern Asian chefs use MSG or pre-made sauces, but I make my sauces from scratch and do not use MSG. When you eat my food you are getting whole ingredients and you can always ask me questions if you have an allergy or dietary preference. I am currently offering catering, private chef work, and am selling at some pop-up events like Holiday Markets and Farmers' Markets. Please look for me and soon I hope you will be able to find me at a food stand or restaurant. I am so much closer to being able to live my dream of having a Burmese Restaurant to serve the Denver Metro people. 

About Zin Zin

I have truly enjoyed cooking since I was young. Although when I was a little girl sometimes I took it for granted and would try to avoid helping my mom cook by saying I had school work to do. Watching my mom cook and helping her from a very young age, I never imagined the lessons I learned would one day lead me to a profession. I like to cook when I feel homesick, showing off all the culinary skills I have learned from my mom, and making authentic Burmese recipes with some of my own creativity that comes from my time spent in Malaysia and other travels. I feel so grateful and fortunate to share my cultural food with my friends and the Colorado community. I feel my heart full of warmth when I see people eating my food and smiling, and really impressed by the food I make. 

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